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I came across a personality test today and filled it out—why? Because I felt I needed to inform myself of who I am…(or is it whom?)

Anyway, the funny thing is that after I read the results, I found myself agreeing with every trait it said I had. Does this mean that I ALREADY know who I am??

I find myself getting caught in the thoughts of what I HAVE to contribute to the world and what do I WANT to contribute to the world. –I. want. to. help. people.– (that’s a PERIOD!) It’s really why I do anything I do, I suppose. Hopefully we all do. But really understanding the WHY’s of what we do are so important. What is our intention and is that intention in alignment with our bigger goal of moving through this world?

Yesterday I met with a client at their house. The meeting time was late in the day and I only planned on staying there for an hour or so. We needed to choose some finishes to get to the cabinet guy. 3 1/2 hours later, I walked out their door. Why? Money? No. I did not charge for the extra time of discussing additional scope add-on to their project. I left and thought, “Wow, in 3 /12 hours I could have made over $300.” My husband said, “…You’re too nice!”

Yes, it IS my lively-hood. But at the same time, I love these people. (Love might be a weird word to use for people I only know on a professional level, but…) They are just clients of mine that found me through a website, but I see their lives as wanting to get back to normal and have a beautiful place to come home to.

So how does this relate to the personality test? Well, I want to know how can I best use my abilities, my NATURAL abilities, to help others. Turns out–I already am, naturally.

So as we move through life, let’s help each other with our natural talents and abilities. But, don’t forget to use those natural talents and abilities to help yourself as well.  We all need to live our life in a way that is normal and beautiful too. You deserve that. (I mean, I seriously need to eat, pay rent, and have a fabulous life!)  Then, and only then, can we be free to help others.


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  1. Kimberly says:

    Thank you!! =)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lovely ❤️

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