Circa 19th Century Lawn Balls – Set of 4

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You know the saying, “They don’t make them like THAT anymore!”?

Well, this is a set of four (4) 19th century, Lignum Vitea, also called “Ironwood”, lawn bowls that are now more typically made of a hard, plastic, composite material. This wood is a very hard, dense, wood that had many uses, including covering it in powdered industrial diamonds to cut gems. Now THAT’S one dense wood! Lignum Vitea was called the “Wood of Life” because the resin was used to treat coughs and arthritis.

This is a beautiful wood with great movement in the grain with A.C.T. and numbers 1, 2, 17, & 25 carved into the weight bias, bone inserts. Great decorative pieces, conversation starters, or use for a serious game of lawn bowling.

Each bowl weighs a little over 3 lbs and measures approx. 4.75″ dis.

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