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Lake Arrowhead


Weekend Re-Design

Is it just me or are you begining to feel a little orange? Yes, October is here and I am so excited for the weather to be coming around to spicy air and “gourd”-geous breezes!!!  😉 Here is a little room to get you in the mood for pumpkin carving and candy corns:   GET THE LOOK                                      


Oh man! Fall is in the air and I LOVE IT!! Today it is a balmy 73°!! It’s such a fun change from the heat we have been having here in California. I love when the wind starts to kick in and you can begin to wear long sleaves and socks! In honor of the changing weather, this month, doTERRA has a great incentive that I would love to share with you. Their Lifelong Vitality Pack By signing up and placing a 100pv … Continue Reading »

New Furniture vs. Cat Scratch Fever

Ok, so you finally pulled the trigger on that new sofa or chair. It’s beautiful, comfy, and totally makes your room sparkle like new. Until…. Cats. I really love cats. I’ve had them my whole life, along with all the other typical, furry, scaly, hard-shelled, and feathered friends. My Boo is one of my mental support system. But I get it. Cat’s gonna do what cat’s gonna do. Your first thought might turn directly to declawing. You think, “That’s easy and painless. Fluffy … Continue Reading »

Weekend Re-Design

OK, so anyone who knows me, knows that I simply swoooooon over mid-century!!! (I will be doing up a post on getting “Sinatra Styled” very soon) This is such a great look and modern is not what most people think. Whenever I talk to anyone about a more modern, mid-century style, the first words out of their mouth are “cold” and “un-livable”. Um, excuse me…have you NOT seen all the coziness and livable-ness that is showing up on every blog in every state? … Continue Reading »

A Lesson From Grandma’s Gas

When I was about 27 or 28 I used to go visit my grandmother every day for lunch. My grandmother was an avid reader who lived for crossword puzzles. The harder, the better. One day, while sitting at her kitchen table, enjoying my Stoffer’s frozen meal, I decided to try my hand at one of her puzzles. I came across a stumper so I decided to ask the expert. (I mean, if you don’t have the skills to do something, at least know … Continue Reading »

Secure Your Mask First…

  I came across a personality test today and filled it out—why? Because I felt I needed to inform myself of who I am…(or is it whom?) Anyway, the funny thing is that after I read the results, I found myself agreeing with every trait it said I had. Does this mean that I ALREADY know who I am?? I find myself getting caught in the thoughts of what I HAVE to contribute to the world and what do I WANT to contribute … Continue Reading »

Craft to Career – Hello Baked

I was perusing through Design*Sponge the other day, and came across an article on elegant sugar cookies. That’s initially what caught my attention, but the real reason for my curiosity was the fact that Jessica Lee of Hello Baked had found a career in a hobby. (Read their full interview here) It always facinates me when someone follows their fun and it turns into a full-fledged business that they enjoy! So, I thought I would share just a taste about this Canada-based entrepreneur. Jessica took a … Continue Reading »