I’m much better at selling other people than selling¬†myself — however, I will attempt to fumble my way through this neccessary evil.

I am a proud graduate of the Interior Design Program at Fullerton College and have earned my accreditation of CID (Certified Interior Designer #6895) in the State of California and have been a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association for 6 years. I began my design company in 2009, probably how most of us do, with my own mother’s kitchen renovation job. It was a great first experience, because it allowed me to get down and dirty and thrown in the direct path of working in the residential remodeling field.

Since then, I have worked hard to gain the trust of my colleagues and build a great team of contractors, sub-contractors, and vendors whom I completely trust.

I carry with me a diverse background of experiences and education in the fields of acting, social psychology, record production, movie production education, and real estate. Having been exposed to all of these areas, I am afforded with a wonderful opportunity to see both the creative and logical sides of any project.

Within Granier Designs, it is my hope to bring a whole-life aproach to design. I truly believe that we all get our true strength and peace of mind within our home. Not just by what we physically place in our space and how it is arranged, but how we are able to use our space to transform our mental and physical health.

I hope to provide a place, within this website and blog, where I can share tips, advice, stories to inspire, and products that I find helpful and valuable in my own life with all who visit.

Being able to use my own creativity and experiences to help bring beauty into other’s lives, that is what brings joy into mine.

Feel free to leave comments as to what you would like to see and experience here and if it is something that resinates within these “walls” I will do my best to chat about it.